4 Affordable Makeup Options in London

Makeup is expensive enough as it is! Combine that with the generally inflated prices of everything in London, and new cosmetics can make a serious dent in your bank account. Here are four affordable ways to get hold of your favourite makeup brands if you live in or around London.

1. Find Your Local Younique Distributor

If you’re putting together a shortlist of affordable makeup options, you really need to include Younique. If you haven’t heard of this successful multi-level marketing (MLM) company, here’s a quick overview:

People who love makeup join this company to become a Younique distributor. They then sell these products directly to their customers on the company’s behalf. These reps know the product line back-to-front, and typically are great at selling the product because they use it personally, believe in it, and make a living from helping people look good when they use Younique products.
Here’s the most important point. Perhaps surprisingly, MLMs invest a huge amount of time and money into product research and development. In large part, this is a matter of simple, raw necessity. MLMs need a high-quality product line to compete with established brands! Younique is no exception and has built an excellent, diverse collection of reasonably priced cosmetics.
So, to summarise: By getting in touch with a Younique salesperson for your next makeover you gain access to real expertise, a high-quality product and someone who is eager to earn your repeat business by helping you get the best possible bang for your buck. Younique salespeople are all over the world, and a quick search will yield any number of reps in and around London. It’s a great way to find affordable makeup in London.

2. Visit Posh Look Beauty Salon

Salons aren’t generally going to be your best bet for affordable makeup — least of all in a ridiculously expensive city like London. To state the obvious, you’re paying for more than the makeup product when you visit a salon. You’re also paying for advice and time. However, Posh Look Beauty Salon in Harlesden deserves a mention because it consistently rates well for value. The team there constantly offers great deals on makeovers without skimping on quality. Right now you can get a complete bridal makeover, there for as little as £100, which is easily 50% below the standard rate. Here’s their coolest feature though. This is one of the few upmarket London salons that offer genuine off-peak rates. Provided you’re willing to go into the store out of rush hours, you can grab some great deals on everything from full makeup to manicures to grabbing a luxurious facial.

3. Take Your Search Online

One of the reasons discount makeup is so hard to find in London gets back to a simple fact of everyday London life: Everything costs more here. While it can be a bit hit or miss, one of the best ways to get hold of discount cosmetics in London is to take your search online.
If you’re willing to bide your time a little, check out Ruelala. Make no mistake: this is a pretty annoying website (compulsory free sign-in? Really?), and you could easily spend a ridiculous amount of money through this company. However, if you wait and watch the deals, every so often a gem of a bargain will fall right into your lap. This is definitely a great site to keep an eye on if you don’t mind handing over your email address and allowing them to send you the occasional hyper-relevant targeted ad.

Another excellent company to add to your browser favourites is Hautelook. You won’t find the same double-take inducing bargains as you’ll find on Ruelala, but Hautelook is fantastic for its fire sales. Whole brand lines get slashed for a few days, and if you pounce at the right moment you’ll cash in on up to 70% discounts across a whole product line — the makeup equivalent of a clean sweep. Again, the key here is patience and watching the site like a hawk! If you see one product in your preferred brand suddenly drop, do yourself a favour and browse for everything you use under that label. Chances are you’ll hit the jackpot.

Online searching for makeup requires a bit of patience and persistence, but the potential savings are definitely worth it.

4. Make the Pilgrimage to Superdrug

I know, I know, it’s hardly salubrious. But Superdrug remains one of the places to go to get hold of heavily discounted cosmetics. The brands aren’t half bad either! Maybelline, Max Factor, Revlon, and L’Oreal: you’ll find all these on Superdrug’s heavily stocked shelves — right alongside the occasional decent UK brand, like Sleek.

Keep an eye out for their mix and match displays. You can often grab combinations of cosmetics, and if you happen to find a combination of products you regularly use, you may walk away with some significant money saved.

Makeup is always going to be an expensive luxury, but knowing where to look can shave your costs considerably.

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