Summer Wardrobe on A Budget – Ultimate Online Frugal Hacks

Summer has finally arrived and whether you are holidaying at home or jetting off somewhere more exotic, you will be wanting to add some new summer pieces to your wardrobe or maybe a new summer wardrobe entirely!

When it comes to choosing new summer outfits on a budget, from cute shorts to floaty dresses we all know that by shopping online we can save time and money. No longer do we have to spend hours driving around town looking for somewhere to park, hunting around the shops only to find the top you have been searching for isn’t available in your size…

The only problem is, with online shopping it’s is sometimes easy to get a little too carried away… Especially when the perfect pair of summer sandals come in four different colours!

For all of you out there who are on a budget and looking to pick up some savvy shopping skills this summer, we have put together a list of top tips and hints so you can make some great savings when it comes to your summer wardrobe.


Shop around

One of the best bits about shopping online is that you can browse all the high street brands and designers in a matter of minutes. Be sure to use this to your advantage when you know what you want and be sure to shop around to get the best price.


Discounted gift cards

Make double the savings when you buy an unwanted gift card from sites like Zeek at discounted prices and save up to 30% on some of your favourite brands.


End of season sales

We know it can be annoying when you want that summer t-shirt now but if you wait until the end of season sales you could make a 20% saving or maybe even more if you are lucky! Once you get into the swing of shopping for clothes out of season you will, doubtlessly, end up with some great bargains and with all that advanced planning of your wardrobe should be pretty organised too!


Promotional codes

Before you buy, be sure to search around online for any promotional codes associated with that retailer. Sites like PlusVoucherCode are great for this, currently featuring savings on House of Fraser.


Barcode scanner app

If you are out and about and happen to find the perfect summer swimming costume, scan the barcode with an app such as ShopSavvy to compare prices online to make sure you are getting it for the best price!


Timeless styles

We are thinking more long-term savings with this tip. When it comes to fashion trends, choosing timeless over the latest styles is always going to serve you better in the long run. Plus, it’ll come at super cheap costs.


Sign up to mailing lists

There are lots of brands out there who offer a discount on your next order when you sign up to receive their email updates. You will also hear about all their sales and promotions first, so it’s definitely worth doing.


Coupon apps and Cashback Sites

There are loads out there to download for free and with a coupon app, you are guaranteed to make savings on your summer wardrobe. When using a cashback site, you can click through to the retailer’s site when purchasing a product and ta-da, you’ve just earnt cashback to use on future purchases.


Outlet stores

The only problem with shopping online is not being able to try your gorgeous new summer wardrobe on before you buy. If you would rather head to the shops to try on the outfit you’ve been dreaming of, you could visit an outlet store to make savings. There are new designer shopping outlets popping up all over the place and here are some of the best in and around London.


Social media

Brands often promote flash sales and run competitions via their social media channels so when you follow them on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, you will be one of the first to hear about their latest promotions and get your summer wardrobe essentials before they’re gone!


Free shipping

Most online retailers now offer free shipping and returns but make sure to check if there is a minimum spend before you checkout.

Follow these online shopping hacks in our definitive guide to shopping for your summer wardrobe and you will have all the latest pieces in no time and at half the price!


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