Timeless Jewellery Pieces Every Stylish Woman Should Own

As our dependence on social media grows, women of any age interested in remaining stylish, are highly influenced by the fashion trends and content they see online. Yet, by merely being on trend does not mean that you are dressing with style. Indeed, stylish women do not follow trends blindly. They are not covered head-to-toe in labels by default. They know the ultimate secret – how to use common pieces of clothes and style them in such a way that their whole look is astonishing. Importantly, every stylish woman knows that it is always some more exquisite detail, often the right jewellery, that helps them stay true to their aesthetic. And this is not something new, people have been wearing jewellery for centuries. Its primary purpose was and still is to this day, to improve a person’s overall look or make a statement of status. While trends also come and go when it comes to jewellery, there are timeless pieces that never go out of fashion. Most importantly, they look fabulous on every woman and can complement any style. So, with that in mind, let us check out the must-have investment pieces every stylish woman should own.

Pearl Necklaces

A simple string of pearl necklace is the number one jewellery piece every woman should have. Although it is often seen as jewellery to wear to formal occasions, stylish women know that pearls are a perfect fit for every event. Pearl jewellery, especially necklaces, have been spotted on the runways and fashion magazines paired with every possible combination, from black pants and a white button-down shirt, blazers, hand-crocheted dresses, to denim patched outfits. We especially love how the always-in-style pearl necklace adds a feminine touch to your look, making it exquisitely refined and complete.

If you still haven’t decided on the perfect pearl necklace that would fit your style, you can visit Pearls Of Joy to look for more options. You can opt for Akoya, Freshwater, Tahitian, or South Sea pearls. Each of them has its own unique beauty, size, pearl colour, and price. Whatever the style, one thing is sure – this timeless classic brings sophistication to every outfit.

Gold, Silver or (Faux) Diamond Stud Earrings

Simple studs are essential to finish a look. Depending on your taste and budget, they can vary from diamond ones to gold, silver, stainless steel, or zirconia. You can wear them every day and on special occasions since they are so versatile. They fit perfectly when either your necklace or bracelets are making a statement. Also, studs are so easy to mix and match with other earrings if you have multiple ear piercings. However, keep in mind that classic shapes, such as round and square, tend to be symmetrical, so they do not look out of place when they twist while you wear them. More edgy cuts like pear and marquise, need to be in a fixed position when worn.

A Long Gold Chain Necklace

Long gold chain necklaces are the perfect complement to tops with high necklines or generally simple outfits. Worn singularly, they give elegance to your overall look, layered up in a mismatched way, they add a bohemian touch. This type of statement necklace gives off royal vibes to any outfit and is eye-catching without being over the top. Since it is quite a multifaceted piece, it is one of the must-haves that you need to own, regardless of your style.

Stacking Rings

From stacking rings with gemstones to ones with diamonds, the effect you achieve is the same – if you wear them singularly, they appear elegant and dainty. If you choose to wear them together, they can give your outfit a fresh, youthful look. Although stacking rings have grown in popularity over recent years, this novel type of jewelry is no less classic. Opt for high-quality ones, such as stainless steel, 14K gold, platinum, or rhodium-plated (if you can afford more expensive ones). These materials are best since you can wear them always, mixing, matching, and repositioning them. Invest in an all-yellow, rose, or white gold stacks. This combination is still chic and is an easy way to play it safe if you are unsure about how to mix metals.

Statement-Making Bangle Bracelets

Bangle bracelets, stacked or alone, thin or broad, minimalist or diamond, have been in fashion since forever. They are a fantastic piece of jewellery that can give any outfit a bit more glam. They come in all shapes, sizes, and materials (from stainless steel, gold, silver, wood, glass, to diamond), and women are wearing them on practically every occasion. Yet, their popularity is not just because of the simplicity of their design but more because of their effortlessness. Perhaps that is the reason why they have made their way into mainstream fashion.


Viewed as three-dimensional sculptures beyond fashion, brooches are decorative jewellery that is not restricted to a particular part of the body. Worn attached to garments, often to hold them closed, brooches have been making a comeback over the past few years to become the most fun and versatile piece of accessory. You can strategically place it anywhere on your outfit to give it a bit more personality or tell a story. Brooches are cool when styled right, whether they are worn singly, in pairs, or a cluster, on your blazer lapels, coat pocket, around your neckline, skirt collar, or in your hair. Since there are so many ways to wear this classic accessory, we suggest that you wear it with outfits that have clean lines and a minimalist look. That way, your brooch can be a statement piece that stands out instead of blending in. And when it comes to choosing the right one to add to your collection, consider an antique or a unique designer brooch. Or maybe both, if you are a big fan.

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